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Billy Bowie Special Projects Limited is an established Scottish waste handling company providing a broad range of services and skills to local authorities and industry throughout the UK. It has one of the most modern operations within the industry and boasts an impressive fleet of over 100 vehicles from gully suckers and general tankers through to high-tech units such as air conveyance units and dewatering equipment.

The Project

Billy Bowie approached Dexter Watson Ltd and asked if we could convert some existing roll-on-off open containers into 40m3 course screening units with a project time of 4 weeks.

Dexter Watson - Screening tank conversion

Before Conversion

Dexter Watson - Waste Water Screening

Dexter Watson - Water Industry Supplies and Services

During Conversion After Conversion

The Screening System

The system works by passing liquid waste through two sets of differing sized grated screens which separate out any crude debris. The screened liquid is then drawn off or allowed to gravitate out.

 Dexter Watson - Screening Equipment for the water industry

Dexter Watson - Screening Equipment

 Dexter Watson - Water Industry Equipment
Grated screen and separating out debris Screened liquid being drawn off  

Once the unit has reached its capacity it can be transported to a disposal site and the contents allowed to be tipped out through a full-width door with a manually operated hydraulic locking system to release the rear door. During tipping, the screening grids are allowed to swing freely, releasing any trapped debris and automatically return to their original position after the process.


"I was so impressed with the result and seeing their potential that I placed an order for a new 28m3 unit from Dexter Watson and have put them to work. I have several similar units which I will also be sending to them for conversion".

Billy Bowie, (Owner) Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd

"The potential savings our company can make with the converted equipment mean that we can become more competitive, allowing us to pass on savings to our existing customers and start targeting new customers".

Willie Paterson, (Facility Manager) Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd

"These converted units fit the bill and utilise what could be described as redundant pieces of equipment allowing us to use the savings we have made on other projects. They are simple to operate and easily maintained with virtually no labour costs".

Alisdair Clark, (General Manager) Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd