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Mobile Reversing Ramps

Dexter Watson - Mobile Reversing Ramp

Dexter Watson - Reversing Ramp

Easily tranported to site

Easily assembled

Features safety rail and reversing butts

Can be made to customer's requirements

Mobile Reversing Ramp

Reversing Ramp

 Many thanks to Harpers for their assistance with the demonstation above.

Our mobile reversing ramps allow vehicles with a low chassis height to discharge safely into a reception container. They are easily and safely assembled using a bayonet fixing and ratchet system and are transported with integral forklift pockets and lifting points. The portable ramps can be made to our standard sizes (500mm long with 3000mm ramp and 2000mm landing length; width 2850mm, height 0-600mm) or to customer's required specifications.

If you would like more information on Dexter Watson mobile reversing ramps or any of our products then please call us on 01904 735 346 .